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Blythe Custom Eye chips

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Shipping Options :
Registered Airmail
Regular Airmail (For order of 1 to 7 pairs of eyechips)
Shipping charges (Flat rate worldwide) :

Eye chips :

Regular Airmail :

2 - 7 pairs : $3.50
Not applicable  to 8 pairs or more of eyechips purchase.

Registered Airmail :

Under 25 pairs :  $6
25-49 pairs : $8
50 - 99 pairs : $10
100 -149 pairs : $12
Not applicable to over 150 pairs of chips purchase, will ship EMS only.

Eyelashes :

With Eyechips order : $0.5 per pair 

Eyelashes Only : Regular airmail : US$3.50 the first pair, $0.5 for each additional pair.  Registered airmail : extra $2.50 per order.

Notes : 

Please click here for EMS shipping rates.  If your country is not listed, please send us an email with your shipping address for a shipping quotation. 

We do not ship to Italy and Brazil via airmail, will ship EMS only.

For security reason, orders on over 8 pairs of chips will be shipped with Registered Airmail only or EMS as per customer's request.

We are not responsible for any losses during delivery with non-recorded shipping, we highly recommend using Registered Airmail or EMS.
Regular Chips

R1 Lilac R3 Baby Pink R6 Light Gray R7 Black - Sold Out
R9 Turquoise R10 Steel Blue R11 Ocean R15 Emerald Light 
R16 Emerald R18 Toffee R20 Clear R21 Milk 
R23 Red Wine R24 Plum R27 Milky Pink R28 Milky Blue 
R30 Apple R31 Aqua R32 Wheat R35 Baby Blue 
R43 Eggplant  R45 Chocolate 
Plain Chips

P2 Plain Milky Pink P3 Plain Milk P5 Plain Lemon P7 Plain Lavender (New Style) 
P9 Plain Light Gray P09 Plain Light Gray (New Sytle) P10 Plain Turquoise P12 Plain Apple 
P16 Plain Emerald (New Style) P17 Plain Toffee P18 Plain Wheat P20 Plain Smokey Pink 
P21 Plain Beetroot P22 Plain Plum P23 Plain Eggplant P25 Plain Ocean (New Style) 
P26 Plain Aqua P27 Plain Steel Blue P29 Plain Light Emerald P31 Plain Milky Blue 
P32 Plain Baby Blue P33 Plain Black P38 Plain Chocolate 


L17 Natural! Thick Side Swept A L26 Dottie Tip