B.W. Dolls

Blythe Custom Eye chips


For SBL :

Make the Chips Fit Better :

Some chips may raise up slightly on some SBL eyechip sockets, you can sand a little bit off the rim of the post by a nail file to help the chip sink the whole way down to the socket.  Don't go too far at a time and
repaint the post after it's done.

Paint the SBL Eyes a Black Ring :

To make it just like EBL eyes do. 
You can paint it whatever colours you like.  Here is the Lavender chip.

Enhancing Pale Coloured Chips

I also like painting the same colour with the chip to enhance the colour of pale coloured chips on SBL and this does nothing to its sharpness. 

Aqua :                                                             Coral :

Hard to Get the Chip into the EBL Socket

In case the chip cannot get through into the socket, please use an exacto knife to carve around the hole a little wider.  Test before going further.


Hot Glue Stick Method

For other customising tutorials, please visit to :